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Ways to pay

Methods of Payment

At London Diabetes Centre Birmingham, we do all we can to ensure that the cost of first-class healthcare is not prohibitive – starting, of course, with being open and transparent about our prices, and always happy to discuss what a particular treatment will cost.

If you’re paying yourself

For individual treatments, we may request payment in advance, if we know what the cost will be. We accept cash, all major debit and credit cards, and personal cheques from UK residents.

For ongoing diabetes care, we offer long term care plans, carefully designed to provide the personalised care you need at a fixed cost around 30% lower than paying for all the same components separately.


Our cancellation policy

If you fail to attend an appointment without letting us know, you may be charged a cancellation fee. Please note that you’ll be personally liable for any cancellation fees, and cannot claim them through your insurance or sponsor.

Our prices

You can download a price list covering some of our most popular treatments here. But please note prices may vary depending on your exact needs, and you should confirm the cost of any treatment with your consultant.


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